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Vriesea Sherlette Shigi Bromeliad


  • From the Bromeliad and Tillandsia (airplants!) family, these plants are native to the tropical Americas. They are generally easy to care for as long as you keep up the humidity and warmth.
  • Product Details:
  • - Size: 6-10"H, 10-12" diameter
  • - Vriesea hieroglyphica plant, potting soil, plastic grower's pot
  • - Prefers bright, indirect light and high humidity
  • - Keep soil moist and mist foliage with water frequently
  • - For best results, dechlorinate water by letting it sit out overnight or distilled water.
  • - Keep plant away from all heating and cooling vents
  • - Grown in the USA
  • - We highly recommend adding Winter Insurance if your local HIGH temperatures are below 45 degrees in your location. Your order will likely pass through colder states on the way.
  • Delivery limited to only the USA.

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