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Viski Alchemi™ Liquor Aging Kit

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  • Create a smoother, cleaner liquor flavor in a matter of days. Oak aging provides the unique color, flavor and aroma that we associate with fine spirits. The Alchemi Liquor Aging Kit works by exposing smaller amounts of liquor to a larger charred American oak surface area to improve flavors by rounding out harsh notes.
  • Unlike other infusion sticks, the Alchemi Liquor Aging Kit holds oak in suspension. This means you can easily remove the oak stick instead of leaving it sitting at the bottom of a bottle. When you achieve the perfect flavor, remove the aging stick with one simple step.
  •  Charred American oak creates a noticeably smoother, cleaner taste over just a few weeks. Connoisseurs will love comparing aged liquor side-by-side with un-aged to taste the difference.
  • The stopper-pourer also elevates the presentation of any bottle. Includes: 2 charred oak sticks Stainless steel pourer Silicone stopper