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Phalaenopsis Orchid


  • These orchids are often grown as indoor potted plants, where successful growth means finding the right balance between humidity, temperature, light, and airflow. Their long-lasting flowers are held on arching branches and open successively. A single multi - branching flowering spike can have more than 20 flowers, and individual flowers can last for weeks.
  • Plant Care:
  • Pot Size: 5"
  • Light: Good light is required for Phalaenopsis but they can experience absolutely no direct sunlight, or the leaves will scorch. Rotate the plant from time to time to keep growth equal. Phalaenopsis can tolerate low light and will thrive in an east window, or a shaded southerly or westerly exposure.
  • Water: Phalaenopsis is a monopodial orchid, which means that it grows from a single stem. It does not have the large water-storing pseudobulbs found on sympodial orchids, although its leaves can store some water. Thus, this plant has a lower tolerance for drought.
  • During the growing season, water the plant weekly or whenever its exposed roots turn silvery white. Water them in the morning and try to keep the potting media slightly damp. During the flowering season, you can cut the water back to every other week. Water should never be allowed to rest around the stem of the plant. This will cause the new leaves to rot, and the plant will die.

  • Soil: In native conditions, moth orchids grow on trees as epiphytes—a type of plant that requires a host plant. Instead of regular soil, they need potting material that mimics a host tree or comes from a tree, such as ground fir tree bark, redwood bark chips. Most bark potting media will work. Also, make sure there is some perlite, sphagnum moss, charcoal, or coconut husk chips mixed in to help with water retention. You can buy a commercial potting mix that is made special for orchids.
  • No matter the potting media you use, make sure there is plenty of air circulation for the rooting system. Epiphytes are accustomed to breezes and wind and don't do well without them.

  • Whats Included:
  • Plant, Basket, Moss & Enclosure Card.
  • *** Colors will vary ***

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