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Liquor Aging Kit by Viski®


  • Liquor loves wood. Oak aging provides the unique color, flavor and aroma that we associate with fine spirits.
  • The Liquor Aging Kit by Viski works by exposing smaller amounts of liquor to a larger charred oak surface area.
  • Just attach one of the included charred oak sticks to the integrated pour spout and insert in your chosen bottle of liquor.
  • Flavor change will be noticeable after one day, but we recommend aging for at least 1 and even up to 6 weeks, sampling along the way to determine your ideal smoke profile.
  • Each charred oak stick is good for one use of up to 6 weeks aging.
  • Try the Liquor Aging Kit to enhance younger whiskeys, add a unique spin to white rum, or give a rich smoky twist to gin.
  • Includes: 2 charred oak sticks 1 Stainless steel & silicone stopper/pourer
    Made in China

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