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Fiddle Leaf Fig


  • The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor tree featuring very large, heavily veined, and glossy violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a sleek trunk. A fiddle-leaf fig is perfect as a focal point of a room if you can situate it in a floor-standing container where the plant is allowed to grow to at least 6 feet tall. (Most indoor specimens reach around 10 feet tall.) It's a fairly fast grower and can be potted at any point in the year if you're like most gardeners acquiring a nursery plant to keep indoors. 
  • Plant Care:
  • Light: Fiddle-leaf figs require bright, filtered light to grow and look their best. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, especially exposure to hot afternoon sun.2 And plants that are kept in very low light conditions will fail to grow rapidly.
  • Soil: Any quality Potting Mix should be suitable for a fiddle-leaf fig. Ensure that the soil drains well.
  • Water: Fiddle-leaf figs like a moderate amount of moisture in the soil. If the plant doesn’t get enough water, its leaves will wilt and lose their bright green color. And if it gets too much water, the plant might drop its leaves and suffer from root rot which ultimately can kill it. During the growing season (spring to fall), water your fiddle-leaf fig when the top inch of soil feels dry. And over the winter months, water slightly less. Furthermore, these plants are sensitive to high salt levels in the soil.3 So it's ideal to flush the soil until water comes out the bottom of the pot at least monthly. This helps to prevent salt build-up.
  • Whats Included:
  • Plant, Basket, Moss & Enclosure Card.

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