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Cloudnola Texttime Flip Clock Black and White Wall/Desk/Mantel Clock

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  • This is our crown jewel of the wall clock collection. This is the Cloudnola Flipping Out grown up and graduated from college with an English major. The whimsical design of being able to read the time instead of just numbers changes the whole perspective of this clock.  The exclusive design shape also makes it very sleek, like the other flip clocks the Timeline can be hanged or put in a shelve.
  • Product Details: 
  • - Size: It is a large clock with a Length of 65cm / 26.5 inches and 8cm 3.15 inches high and deep.
  • - Designed by: Renee Vendrig
  • - Clocks have a 1 year warranty on mechanical issues.
  • - Flip clocks are delicate items,  if your flips are getting stuck it might be a number of reasons, debris in the mechanism, clock placed in a very humid area, a person or a pet pulled a flip out of their place.  There's a video with an easy fix on how to put it back in place, if you prefer us to do it, you can send to our offices and we will fix it and send it back. Make sure you pack safely, ideally in the original box.