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Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot™ Plus Folding Cutting Board


  • Product Details:
  • These clever folding cutting boards make it easy to transfer chopped food into a pot or pan without dropping any along the way. 
  • * The original folding cutting board
  • * Innovative folding design for easy food transfer 
  • * When the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up forming a chute     down which chopped food or waste can be neatly guided. 
  • * Textured, knife-friendly cutting surface 
  • * Soft-grip handle and non-slip feet
  • Care & Use:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Knife friendly surface of the boards is designed to mark slightly during use
  • BPA free
  • Dimensions:
  • (Small): H1.5 x W38 x D21cm (H¾ x W15 x D8¼ inches)
  • (Large): H1.5 x W48 x D27cm (H½ x W19 x D10¾ inches)
  • Designed by Mark Sanders


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