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Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Linen & Room Spray with Aloe Vera & Ginger Oil

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  • Caldrea Linen & Room Spray freshens the air, while creating a signature scent. This versatile spray, made with essential oils and thoughtfully chosen ingredients, can be sprayed in your bedroom, your car, or directly on garments and linens.
  • The spray bottle releases an immediate burst of freshness on clothes, carpets, car seats, and more - a fresh way to fragrance your home, mist laundry, or wake up sheets, pillows and blankets.
  •  Ginger Pomelo - The secrets of an electric jungle pull you in. You discover the crisp smell of ginger and hear monkeys boldly chattering. This place holds many secrets waiting to be discovered.
  • Use and care: For use in any room, your car, or directly on garments and linens as you iron or after to freshen.
  • Can be safely use on carpeting, upholstery and rugs. Test on an inside seam prior to spraying on delicate fabrics and avoid spraying on finished wood.
  • Size: 16 fl oz Packaging: Bottle (less trigger) made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic.