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CRAIG RYANS Winter Protection Insurance

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  • Worried about your plants arriving safely in chilly weather? Add this to your order!  We highly recommend adding Winter Insurance if your local HIGH temperatures are below 45 degrees in your location or if your order is using UPS Ground, FEDEX Ground or USPS as the shipping source, as it will likely pass through colder states on the way.
  • Details:
  • - Our Winter Insurance is simple: When you add this to your order, we’ll personally check the weather conditions along your plant’s journey from our greenhouse to your house, and take all the necessary precautions no matter the cost (such as using heat packs, special packing procedures, or shipping on certain days) to ensure that your plant arrives safely. If, in the rare event your plant doesn’t arrive safely, we’ll replace or refund it at no cost to you. 
  • - Once purchased, Winter Insurance is non-refundable.
  • - Some of my plants arrived without heat packs—why is that? Certain plants tolerate temperature differently. For some species, placing one or more heat packs in their box can actually damage them in all but freezing conditions due to the prolonged exposure to the warm heat source right next to their leaves. During winter, we take extensive precautions to ship plants with different climate needs sensibly. We consider the climate of your plants’ entire journey from our greenhouse to your house when planning their packaging needs. And, in the rare event that your plants encounter a weather-related issue, we will replace or refund them at no cost.
  • - How do I file a Winter Insurance claim? Filing a claim is simple: Within 3 days of receiving your order, reach out to us by email, Please include: Order Number, Name, Address, City, State, Zip code & Pictures of the plant. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor claims opened more than 3 days after you received your plant.

  • If your plant has an issue, it's important that you contact us ASAP—we are only able to resolve issues that are brought to our attention within 3 days of delivery.