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Calathea (Rattlesnake)

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  • The plant can grow up to 30 inches tall, and the large leaves have a variegated pattern with various shades of greens and a wavy pattern along their edges. Even the undersides of the foliage are eye-catching with their beautiful purplish-red tones.
  • Plant Care:
  • Pot Size: 6"
  • Light: Filtered light is the best option. If you want to have your rattlesnake plant in a window, select one that doesn't have intense afternoon sun streaming through it, or diffuse the light with drapes. A bright spot in a well-lit room away from the direct light in a window can work well, too.
  • Soil: When it comes to soil, it needs to be one that drains well. Although these plants can't handle standing water, they do still like to be kept moist. A light sandy soil or a potting mix of two parts peat moss and one part perlite could work well. They also respond well to slightly acidic or neutral pH levels, but alkaline soils should be avoided.
  • Water: Rattlesnake plants don't tolerate waterlogged conditions, though, and if the leaves start to turn yellow, this could be a sign that you are overwatering. Conversely, the leaves can begin to curl unattractively when they don't receive enough water. Do not let the plant sit in the excess water. Pour the excess water out and do not pour it back into the plant.
  • Whats Included:
  • Plant, Basket, Moss & Enclosure Card.