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  • A Candle for Dad Bods - Toasted Marshmallows Scented
  • A Candle for Zero Fucks - Creamsicle Scented
  • A Candle for Birthday Blues - Sad Birthday Cake Scented
  • A Candle for Working From Home - Whiskey with a Splash of Coffee
  • A Candle for Tiger King - Sardine Oil On Your Boot Scented (With notes of teakwood & cardamom)
  • A Candle for Essential Workers - Black Market Hand Sanitizer (Bright lemony clean scent)
  • A Candle for It's Only Frickin' Tuesday - Gum-Smacking Co-Worker (Spearmint) Scented
  • Details:
  • Net Weight: Approximately 17 oz.
    Burn time: 60 hours
    Note: Because all of our candles are handmade, no two are identical.

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